About The Company

Rhino Equipment Rentals Limited is a 100% locally owned and managed equipment rental service company. We believe that professional, reliable service and always on-time delivery are what make us a cut above the rest.

Aerial Work Platforms Rental % 100
Extension Ladders Rental % 100
Scissors Lift Rental % 100
Boom Lift Rental % 100

Our Values

We value Customer Satisfaction, Employee Safety, Quality Performance and Environmental Awareness.

Customer Satisfaction

Project success is determined by the absolute satisfaction the customer. Our objectives and those of each client are one in the same and thus we strive towards a mutually successful outcome.

Employee Safety

Nothing is more important to us than the protection of employee health and safety. All measures are  put in place to ensure each person is safe.

Quality Performance

We are determined to providing exceptional quality service with each project undertaken by being honest, innovative and responsible.

Environmental Awareness

All operations are planned in such a way as to prevent environmental pollution, comply with  environmental requirements, conserve resources and promote recycling.

Our Equipment Showroom

Our Rental Service Features


Prompt reliable service when you need it the most. At Rhino we take pride in offering prompt efficient equipment rental services.


At Rhino we serve you with service excellence regardless of your location across the republic of Trinidad and Tobago or the wider Caribbean region.


We provide the best industrial tools and equipment for rental. Try us to experience it for yourself.


Safety is one of our highest priorities at Rhino. We plan with precision to ensure that we secure the safety of all of the stakeholders in our operations.


The team at Rhino communicates with our clients through every step of the process. We are available to answer your questions and assist in any way that we can.


The support we provide to our clients is considered of the highest quality in our industry. We know that our client's success is also a representation of our success.

Why Rhino?

We pay attention to all the fine details that make a difference to the customer:

All employees are fully trained and certified to carry out his/ her job effectively.

Our company is fully insured to protect against any unlikely, accidental damage we may have caused.

All equipment is meticulously maintained to manufacturers’ requirements.

Full HSE policy is in place and enforced.

Contact us

We would be pleased to meet with you to discuss how our business could be of service to you.

868 225 (QUIP) 7847

32 Ninth Street, Barataria, Trinidad and Tobago, WI